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1.1 Proposals for new development should be located within a settlement boundary. Proposals to develop outside of a defined settlement boundary will only be permitted in the following circumstances:

  1. The proposal is for small scale employment (B1, B2 or B8) use or tourism and complies with Policy 24 and or 40.
  2. The proposal is for the diversification of an agricultural enterprise and complies with Policy 24.
  3. The proposal is for an agricultural or forestry workers dwelling and is essential to the function and viability of the agricultural or forestry holding.
  4. The proposal would provide low cost rural housing adjacent to an existing settlement boundary where there is an identified ‘need’ in line with Policy 17.
  5. The proposal involves the conversion of a redundant traditional3 building to a dwelling(s) so long as it is in line with Policy 17 and PPS7.
  6. The proposal is for the small scale extension or alteration of an existing building. Any proposed extension in the Open Countryside should not increase the size of the original building (as at 1st July 1948 or as originally constructed if it was after this date) by more than 25%. Proposed extensions in the AONB or Green Belt must also comply with the criteria set out in Policies 2 and 3 respectively.
  7. The proposal is for touring caravan, tent sites, hotel, B&B or self catering tourist accommodation and complies with Policies 4A, 4B, 4C and Policy 24 and/or 40. Unless the proposal is for a touring caravan or tent site within the AONB, Green Belt, SAC, SPA, SSSI, BHS, GHS, LNI or LNR areas where these uses will not be permitted.
  8. Other development permitted through Local Plan Policy – including renewable energy, open space/recreation, equestrian development, woodland planting, telecommunication equipment and education/community use.

1.2 Proposals for development in an area designated as AONB, Green Belt, SAC, SPA, SSSI, BHS, GHS, LNI and LNR must conform to Policies 2-4C.

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