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10.1 The Borough Council will seek to conserve areas of identified historic or architectural interest and their setting. These will be designated as Conservation Areas or Historic Parks.

The Council will:

  1. seek to ensure a particularly high design standard that preserves or enhances the character and appearance of the area and its setting. In addition to general design criteria, any development proposals must have regard to the following matters:
    • the retention of historic buildings and materials, groups of buildings, building lines, vistas, street patterns and floor surfaces;
    • the impact on open spaces and trees;
    • the retention of architectural features such as boundary walls, shop fronts and other elements which contribute to the character of the area;
    • the impact on the wider townscape and roofscape;
    • the effect on land-use mix, activities, noise levels and sense of place
  2. only grant consent for demolition (where permission is required) where a building is not of townscape, architectural or historic interest, and where an acceptable scheme of replacement or after-use for the site can be reasonably guaranteed.
  3. designate new conservation areas where there is considered to be special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.
  4. seek to protect and enhance any parks, gardens and cemeteries of historic interest, and their setting, particularly those identified on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest

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