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13.1 The Council will protect and enhance the heritage and character of the Borough and quality of life for its residents by encouraging high standards of quality and design in new development. All development proposals should comply with the following:

  • Siting and design should be in scale and harmony with the surroundings, innovative where possible, and contribute towards the character of an area. Housing densities should reflect those in Policy 20.
  • Natural Stone and slate appropriate to the vicinity in respect of colour and type should be used on Listed Buildings. This will also apply to Conservation Areas unless there is a predominance of artificial materials in the vicinity. In other locations artificial stone and slate appropriate in colour to the immediate vicinity will be permitted.
  • Metal frame buildings, including roofing design, will be of muted hues and darker colours.
  • Existing trees and hedgerows to be protected in line with Policy 14 and appropriate landscaping to be introduced in line with Policy 16.
  • Sustainable drainage systems shall be incorporated unless evidence is produced to justify why such schemes are not appropriate, in which case an acceptable alternative must be incorporated.
  • The development shall demonstrate that it incorporates satisfactory standards of security to prevent crime both within the development site and in the surrounding area.

13.2 Shop front security proposals should conform to guidance contained within the ‘Shop Front Security’ supplementary leaflet15.

13.3 Proposed advertisements must not impinge on residential amenity or highway safety.

13.4 Proposals which promote sustainable construction techniques, including energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy will be encouraged, in line with Policy 5.

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