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14.1 The Council recognises the importance and amenity function of trees, woodlands and hedgerows, and will protect them.

14.2 The Council will, where appropriate, make Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), promote the ecological health and visual setting of ancient woodlands, trees and hedgerows, and protect hedgerows through the Hedgerow Regulations (1997).

14.3 All new development should respect trees in terms of their location and the contribution they make to the local scene.

14.4 Development proposals where trees are growing on, or in close proximity to the development site will be required to submit a specialist Tree Survey. Planning conditions will be used to protect trees, woodland and hedgerows.

14.5 Developers will be encouraged to provide new tree planting and implement sensitive management schemes where there is a deficiency16 of woodland provision. This will also be encouraged within the intensive park land area of the Regional Park (Policy 37).

14.6 Development proposals including the planting of new woodland should ensure that the species to be planted are native to the locality. Development proposals including the planting of new hedgerows at the edge of a settlement or in the open countryside must ensure that the species to be planted are native to the locality.

14.7 Tree planting within the Open Countryside will be given special consideration in terms of the suitability of the area to accommodate woodland and to ensure that environmentally sensitive designations are avoided (Policies 4A-C).

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