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18.1 The Council will support regeneration activities within the Housing Market Renewal Intervention Area as highlighted on the Proposals Map. Area Development Frameworks (ADF) have been prepared for Brierfield, Nelson and Colne. These have fully engaged the local community and will be endorsed by the Council, Local Strategic Partnership and Pathfinder Board.

18.2 Within the ADF boundaries the Council will grant planning permission, where needed, for the following actions so long as they are in line with all other Local Plan policies and are supported by the ADF for the area and, in particular, any Area Action Plan or SPD

  1. Improvement, repair and clearance of existing residential property
  2. New residential development (in line with Policy 17)24
  3. Quality open space provision (in line with Policies 21 and 34)
  4. Community facilities and employment opportunities (in line with Policies 23, 26 and 32)
  5. Leisure, health and education provision (in line with Policy 34)
  6. Improved transport links

18.3 The Council will require an appropriate historical and townscape assessment on any potential clearance site where it is deemed necessary.

18.4 The design of new developments should be in line with Policy 13 and any design brief prepared as SPD for the area.

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