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24.1 Within rural areas, a wide range of economic activity36 will be supported provided that proposals for development meet the following criteria:-

  1. The development is small scale for B1, B2, B8 or recreational uses.


    1. A. would re-use an appropriately located and suitably constructed existing building in the countryside which was;
      1. in scale and design in keeping with its surroundings,


    1. is a replacement building in the open countryside (excluding the Green Belt), which is suitably located and of permanent design and construction which would bring about an environmental improvement in terms of the impact of the current development on its surroundings and landscape and which was;
      1. on the footprint of the existing building,
      2. not proposing any large scale extensions37,


    1. C. is within the settlement boundary of an existing village. 

24.2 In addition, the proposal must be suitably and safely accessed and parking must be provided in line with the car and cycle parking standards in a location and for a use which does not adversely affect residential amenity. In addition Policies 28, 32 and 40 apply. 

  1. Proposals for new build (with the exception of the Green Belt) and the conversion or re-use of existing buildings for farm diversification projects for B1, B2, B8, recreational, or other relevant uses will be supported so long as the following criteria are met:-
    1. either the form, bulk and general design of the building is in keeping with its surroundings, or where a building currently detracts from the rural character and appearance of the locality, its appearance can be satisfactorily improved,
    2. the proposal does not have a materially greater impact than the present use on the openness and function of the Green Belt, or the character of the AONB, or that of the surrounding countryside having regard to the scale, size, intensity and type of use proposed,
    3. the development must be suitably and safely accessed and parking must be provided in line with the car and cycling parking standards,
    4. and in the case of touring caravans or tent sites, the proposal is within easy access, by walking, cycling or public transport, of an existing settlement which can provide necessary facilities without detriment to the local economy.

24.3 New build in the Open Countryside, (excluding the Green Belt) and AONB areas may be permitted provided that sustainable development objectives are met, and they are of a design and scale appropriate to their rural surroundings.

24.4 Any noise or light pollution from a development must be kept to a minimum.

24.5 The loss of employment (B1, B2 or B8) uses from villages or rural areas will be resisted in the LRRAP priority area (see proposals map). Any proposal to re-develop sites/buildings for an alternative use must show that no employment use can be accommodated on the site. Tourist facilities will be permitted in line with Policy 40.

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