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25.1 New retail and service development (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, D1, D2 and specified Sui Generis) should be located (in order of priority) (subject to Policy 26):

  1. Within a defined town centre, local shopping centre or local frontage.
  2. On an edge of centre allocated site (subject to Policy 27).
  3. On the edge of a defined town centre.
  4. Elsewhere outside of a defined town centre or local shopping centre, with preference given to sites which are or will be well served by a choice of means of transport and which are close to the centre and have a high likelihood of forming links with the centre.

25.2 Priority should be given to locating major development (those serving more than the local town) in Nelson or Colne. Any proposal for significant retail development should take into consideration the vitality and viability of neighbouring towns, districts or local centres. Barnoldswick can support larger development than Brierfield, Barrowford and Earby.

25.3 Development will only be allowed in areas 3 or 4 if the application is accompanied by a statement which proves:

25.4 The proposal would require extensive floorspace which cannot be accommodated within the preferred town centre or local shopping centre AND the proposal cannot be met on the allocated edge-of-centre retail site (Subject to Policy 27).

25.5 In addition development in areas 3 or 4 will be restricted to non-food retail (A1), D2 or Sui Generis uses (specified in Policy 27). Any ancillary uses (A2, A3, A4, A5, B1(a) and D1) must be confined to 25% of the total developable area. The development must be suitably and safely accessed and parking must be provided in line with the Car and Cycle Parking Standards.

25.6 Proposals not within town centres will be required to demonstrate that a need exists, following which the sequential approach will be applied to site selection. Any new service or retail development must be accessible by a choice of means of transport, including walking and cycling.

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