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26.1 Proposals to introduce non-shopping uses in town centres and local shopping centres outside of defined Primary or Secondary shopping frontages will be supported. The introduction of non-shopping uses to a defined shopping frontage in a town centre or local shopping centre or within a defined local shopping frontage will also be approved unless:

26.2 The proposal would result in the total proportion of non-shopping uses (including unimplemented valid planning permissions) exceeding 25% of a defined primary frontage or 50% of a defined secondary or local frontage (in terms of frontage length42).

26.3 Notwithstanding this, where it can be shown that a unit has remained vacant for over 3 years, permission for a non-shopping use will be granted.

26.4 The grant of planning permission for any non-shopping use will be dependent on the following being satisfactory:

  1. The hours of operation.
  2. Car parking and servicing provision.

26.5 Applications for hot-food take-aways must also supply information on:

  1. The emission of odours and provision of fume extraction (Policy 8).

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