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30.1 The Council will support improvements to public transport through:

  1. Quality Bus Route Initiative43 – improved reliability and journey times, improvements to interchange and terminal facilities, improved quality and availability of information, and improvement to the on street passenger waiting environment.
  2. Rapid Transit44 – Improvements to the rail and bus network in terms of new and segregated routes, increased frequencies, through ticketing, integrated systems and better customer environments and the introduction of Community Rail Partnerships.
  3. Section 106 Agreements – Developers will be required to contribute towards public transport improvements in the vicinity of the development, where necessary, on sites of 0.4 hectare or more.
  4. South Lancashire Rural Transport Partnership (see Footnote 60) – supporting local communities in developing sustainable rural transport initiatives.

30.2 The Council will support cycling as a sustainable mode of travel and will encourage the rollout of the Pendle Cycle Network. New development for housing, retail/leisure or employment should make provision for cycle access and cycle routes on site.

30.3 The Council supports walking as a sustainable mode of travel and will assist the implementation of further Safe Route to School projects. All new development proposals should be ‘pedestrian friendly’. 

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