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32.1 Planning permission for new and improved community facilities46 will be supported. Proposals for new facilities must:

  • Follow the Sequential Approach outlined in Policy 2547.
  • Be located within a defined settlement boundary, unless there are exceptional circumstances to permit development beyond a boundary or the proposal is for a village (Policy 28) or tourist facility (Policy 40).
  • Be accessible by a variety of travel modes (Policy 30).
  • Not compromise residential amenity.
  • Be of high quality design and adhere to Policy 13.

32.2 New community facilities are proposed at the following sites:

  • Health Care Facilities: Yarnspinner's Wharf, Carr Road, Nelson.
  • Education Facilities: Bracewell Street, Nelson.
  • Leisure Facilities: Chapel Street/Oakland Street, Nelson.
  • Community Centre: Nelson Community Centre.

No other permanent development will be permitted on those sites.

32.3 Proposals for change of use or redevelopment that would result in the loss of an existing community facility will be resisted, unless:

  1. It can be proven that the premises have been vacant and actively marketed for community use for over 1 year.


  1. Improved community facilities of a similar nature, serving the same population will be provided elsewhere in the local area, or are already in place.

32.4 In addition the Borough Council will support new community, leisure, recreation, health and education proposals within the Housing Market Renewal Intervention Areas where they are supported by an ADF for the area and, in particular, any Area Action Plan or SPD (Policy 18). 

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