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POLICY 4C - NATURAL HERITAGE – County and District Designated Sites

4C.1 The Council will protect, conserve and where appropriate enhance all Biological Heritage Sites (BHS), Geological Heritage Sites (GHS), sites of Local Natural Importance (LNI) and Local Nature Reserves (LNR), as defined (where applicable) by BHS Partnership, Lancashire RIGS, Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Borough of Pendle. Current sites are listed in Table 2a and shown on the Proposals Map.

4C.2 It is recognised that there may be new designations made during the life time of the Plan, therefore, the same level of protection will also be afforded to any new sites or areas designated by the appropriate agency.

4C.3 Development that would destroy or adversely affect a BHS, GHS, LNI or LNR will be subject to special control.

4C.4 In general, development proposals within a BHS, GHS, LNI or LNR site will only be permitted where it can be shown that there are exceptional economic or social benefits which clearly outweigh the extent of ecological harm.

4C.5 Where development is likely to result in loss or damage to a designated site, appropriate and adequate mitigation and compensation through planning obligations will be sought to ensure that as a minimum there is no net loss of value, and to ensure the protection and enhancement of the site’s nature conservation interests.

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