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POLICY 4D - NATURAL HERITAGE – Wildlife Corridors, Species Protection and Biodiversity

4D.1 The Council will protect Wildlife Corridors and encourage the reestablishment of habitats and species populations to help maintain and enhance biodiversity.

4D.2 Proposals for development should not significantly affect the function of Wildlife Corridors to maintain the migration and dispersal of wildlife. Where development is permitted, the developer will be expected to enhance existing Wildlife Corridors. Conditions and Planning Obligations may be used to ensure that the necessary compensatory measures are provided.

4D.3 Development proposals that would adversely impact or harm, directly or indirectly, legally protected species will not be permitted, unless shown to meet the requirements of The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994.

4D.4 Development proposals should ensure that biodiversity levels are maintained and where appropriate enhanced. Proposals which would adversely affect the levels of biodiversity on the development site will not be permitted unless:

  1. Adequate provision is made through conditions or Planning Obligations to protect, maintain and enhance existing biodiversity or replace, manage and enhance any loss of biodiversity caused by the development.

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