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8.1 Proposals for industrial development or those developments where odours, noise, or vibration are likely, should be accompanied by a statement illustrating the levels of potential pollution and any remedial action to be undertaken. A statement will be required for applications involving outdoor lighting. Development will be permitted where:

  1. There is likely to be no harmful pollution or contamination


  1. Any proposed remedial action is sufficient to reduce the risk of pollution


  1. The application does not involve the storage of hazardous substances where such storage would pose a potential risk to nearby residents or visitors.

8.2 IN ADDITION planning permission will only be granted where the Council are satisfied that the proposed development would not:

  1. Expose the occupiers of the development and neighbouring land uses to unacceptable risk
  2. Threaten the structural integrity of any existing or proposed building on or adjoining the site
  3. Lead to the contamination of any watercourse, water body, or groundwater
  4. Cause the contamination of adjoining land or allow such contamination to continue.

8.3 Developers proposing to develop any brownfield site or land within 250 metres of a landfill site must conduct an investigation and assessment to identify the types, nature and extent of any contamination, including the potential risk from migrating landfill gas, potentially affecting the application site and environs. A comprehensive remediation scheme should be included with the application where appropriate. Only where the Council’s Environmental Health Department and associated pollution control authorities are satisfied that the risk from pollution is adequately controlled will permission be granted.

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