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9.1 The Borough Council will seek to preserve statutory Listed Buildings and conserve buildings of historic or architectural importance. These may be identified on the statutory list of buildings13, on the Lancashire Sites and Monuments Record, or on a local list. For Listed Buildings the Council will:

  1. Not grant consent for demolition other than in exceptional circumstances where the Council is satisfied that every possible effort has been made to retain the building, continue its present use or find a suitable new use;
  2. Safeguard the setting of Listed Buildings through the control of new development (including changes of use) in the vicinity and, where appropriate, by the preservation of trees and other important features;
  3. Ensure proposed change of use, alterations and extensions have no adverse effects on a Listed Building’s special interest, character and appearance and that loss of historic features and fabric is minimised. A record of all irreversible alterations must be made and placed in an appropriate archive;
  4. Refuse consent for the use of modern materials or features such as cement mortars or renders, artificial stone and slate, upvc or other plastics, aluminium or stained timber windows, doors or watergoods, burglar alarms, solar panels, rooflights and dormers, where these are considered to be inappropriate and likely to harm the historic or architectural character of the building or structure. The Council will require that schemes of repair and conservation use traditional methods and materials, unless it can be demonstrated that another approach is appropriate.

9.2 For non-listed buildings of historic or architectural importance the same general approach will be used, but the controls will be applied at a level commensurate with the importance of the building in question.

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