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1 Development In The Open Countryside
2 Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty
3 Green Belt
3A Protected Areas
4A Natural Heritage – International Sites
4B Natural Heritage – National Sites
4C Natural Heritage – County And District Designated Sites
4D Natural Heritage – Wildlife Corridors, Species Protection And Biodiversity
5 Renewable Energy Sources
6 Development And Flood Risk
7 Water Resource Protection
8 Contamination And Pollution
9 Buildings Of Special Architectural Or Historic Interest
10 Areas Of Special Architectural Or Historic Interest
11 Archaeology
12 Maintaining Settlement Character
13 Quality And Design Of New Development
14 Trees, Woodland And Hedgerows
16 Landscaping In New Development


17 Location Of New Housing Development
18 Housing Market Renewal
20 Quality Housing Provision
21 Provision Of Open Space In New Housing Development


22 Protected Emplo Yment Areas
23 Location Of New Employment Development
24 Employment In Rural Areas

Town Centres and Retail Development

25 Location Of Service And Retail Development
26 Non-shopping Uses In Town Centres And Local Shopping Areas
27 Retail And Service Land Provision
28 Retail And Service Provision In Villages


29 Creating An Improved Transport Network
30 Sustainable Travel Modes
31 Parking

Community, Recreation and Leisure

32 New Community Facilities
33 Existing Open Space
34 Improved Open Space Provision
35 Countryside Access
36 Leeds-liverpool Canal Corridor
37 East Lancashire Regional Park
38 Telecommunications
39 Equestrian Development
40 Tourism

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